Testimonials - About Restaurant.com

“My girlfriend and I were able to have a very romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant in downtown San Diego using our certificate from Restaurant.com. We were treated to a three-course meal on a nice outdoor patio while live music played inside the restaurant. To add to the festivities, a block party for a local jazz station was going on, so lots of people were walking around the downtown area and gave us plenty to look at as we enjoyed out Italian feast. We would have never tried this particular restaurant without our savings from Restaurant.com. Thanks for the great meal.”


“My husband and I have been married for 30 years, and we celebrated our anniversary with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson. One of our favorite places to dine is the House of Blues in Orlando. When I found out that you have the restaurant certificate for them, I was thrilled. We celebrated the occasion and the server couldn't have been nicer.”


“Every time I use the Restaurant.com certificates I get the best service and eat the most amazing foods. The staff seems to perk up a bit and pay more attention to details. If you get me as a customer once and WOW me then you will have me as a customer for life. Love To Eat!!”

-Jo Ann

“All the restaurants I’ve been to using a certificate from Restaurant.com have been wonderful. Good meals, good service.”


“My husband and I went out of town for our anniversary this summer. I was determined to get out of the rut and used Restaurant.com to help find places to eat we had never been to before. Let me say that this was a homerun and my husband was soooooo impressed with me! Plus the savings allowed us to dine at a much higher level than we would have otherwise! So use the site to try something new and lower the risk if it doesn't work out so great! But be willing to try something new!”


“I am a single mom with two teenagers with TREMENDOUS appetites. They LOVE to eat out, but I can't always afford to go to restaurants. Restaurant.com certificates are life savers! The deals are so affordable that I am able to satisfy my teens' voracious appetites and satisfy my wallet as well!”

-Grateful Mom!

“I love Restaurant.com. Not only for the fabulous savings, and chance to try new places, but because of their "Feed It Forward" program which allows you to send a free $10.00 certificate to friends (especially in this economic climate). Very few companies are willing to "share the wealth" this way. Not only is the "Feed It Forward" program a great way for Restaurant.com to attract new customers, it shows how much they value the companies and individuals who use their service.”